Patrol Division

Cpt Williams.JPG

Captain Williams

Cpl Bolen.JPG

Corporal Bolen

Cpl Johnson.JPG

Lieutenant Johnson

Dep Buchanan.JPG

Corporal Buchanan

Dep Frandsen.JPG

Deputy Frandsen

Dep Howard.JPG

Deputy Howard

Dep McCook.jpg

Deputy McCook

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Sgt Yochum.JPG

Sergeant Yochum

Dep Jordan.JPG

Deputy Jordan

Dep Brown.JPG

Deputy Brown

Deputy King

The Randolph County Field Services is the most visible division of the Sheriff’s Office. Field Services is comprised of Patrol, Investigations, Civil Service and Court Security. This division performs all basic functions for the Sheriff’s Office. They are responsible for maintaining law and order throughout Randolph County. It is the Patrol Unit’s further responsibility to enforce all traffic laws, conduct initial investigations of crimes and automobile accidents, apprehend law violators, issue summons and to testify as a witness in court trials and hearings.

The Randolph County Deputy Patrol works hard to protect and promote the general welfare of each citizen of Randolph County.

Be a part of the Randolph County Sheriff's Office