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Know Our Mission

The men and women of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to serve with Objectiveness, Fortitude and Accountability for all the Citizens of Randolph County. We believe mutual respect, trust and pride in our organization, combined with traditional values and innovative techniques, will ensure the community’s right to a safe environment.

Understand Our Vision

The men and women of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office are bound by the highest standards of conduct, as exemplified in the following values:

LIFE We believe the protection of life is our highest priority.

RESPECT We believe in individual human dignity and the preservation of human rights under the rule and spirit of law, always treating others as we would like to be treated.

INTEGRITY We believe in maintaining the public trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest moral and ethical standards.

FAIRNESS We believe in the delivery of service that provides fair and equal treatment to all citizens without regard to age, gender, race, creed, color, religion or national origin.

TRUST We believe in order to provide effective service we must develop and maintain the confidence of the community.

PARTNERSHIPS We believe in working in partnership with the community and each other to identify and resolve problems and issues which effect the safety of our citizens.

LOYALTY We believe in an allegiance to Randolph County and it’s cities and communities, to the organization and to each other.

PROFESSIONALISM We believe in delivering a level of service which will reflect the pride we have in our community and organization.

Be a part of the Randolph County Sheriff's Office

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